• ◆ meat ◆ <cattle, swine, chickens>

    • Domestic sirloin steak 1 g

      Domestic sirloin steak 1 g

      9 yen

      Soft and juicy sirloin! A reasonable marbling unique to Wagyu is one of the best items! We accept it from 200 g to 100 g.

    • Domestic ribulose steak 1 g

      Domestic ribulose steak 1 g

      9 yen

      Riblose with good balance of lean and lean! Rich in dish for meat lovers! 200 grams to 100 gs will be accepted.

    • Heavy roast beef

      Heavy roast beef

      980 yen

      Homemade sauce is outstanding compatibility with meat.

    • Dice steak

      Dice steak

      880 yen

      I cooked garlic and onion slices in the harami.

    • Cow hardy steak 150 g

      1350 yen

      Steak with popular Harami.It is preeminent compatibility with a sharia pin source.

    • Homemade hamburg steak

      Homemade hamburg steak

      980 yen

      Eat and respond enough hamburger steak!

  • cheese

    • Raclette cheese grill

      Raclette cheese grill

      1480 yen

      We recommend you to eat absolutely NO1 NO.1!

    • Rewards instead

      Rewards instead

      880 yen

      You will also receive additional cheese.

    • Cheese platter

      980 yen

      Gorgonzola, Gouda, Red Cheddar, Camembert.

    • Camembert cheese fly

      580 yen

      With honey

  • chicken

    • Fried tulip (3 pieces)

      Fried tulip (3 pieces)

      480 yen

      To the tulip easy to eat the wing origin!

    • Chicken herb saute

      580 yen

      Chicken soaked in homemade herbs.Basil smells well.

    • MOTOYAMA pork

      MOTOYAMA pork

      2500 Yen

      Assorted dish which can taste all our cattle pig chicken boasting our shop.

  • pork

    • Thickly sliced ​​bacon grill

      Thickly sliced ​​bacon grill

      680 yen

      Hearty.Also enjoy compatibility with alcohol ◎ grain mustard Please enjoy.

    • Iroiro sausage grill

      Iroiro sausage grill

      880 yen

      Speaking of grill, sausage.Please enjoy the Iroyro flavor such as chorizo ​​and hub.

  • ◆ appetizers ◆

    • Homemade fresh vegetable pickles

      380 yen

      Homemade pickles stocked at the store

    • Appetizer serving

      1280 yen

      For people who want to eat a lot!

    • Anchovy cabbage

      480 yen

      Anchovy and honorable garlic.

    • Onion ring

      Onion ring

      520 yen

      Food texture of beer clothing

    • Plenty of corn butter

      380 yen

      Plenty of butter.A rich fragrance drifts.

    • Steamed mussels and clams white wine

      780 yen

      The shellfish taste stands out with the scent of white wine.

    • Cut ham ham

      420 yen

      Tentatively raw ham.Saltiness will induce liquor.

    • Caprese


      620 yen

      Refreshing with classic cheese and tomatoes!

    • Tiramisu tailored and honey bucket

      680 yen

      Tiramisu familiar with Mascarpone with bucket.It is a woman's must-see sweet appetizer.

    • Shrimp frit

      Shrimp frit

      680 yen

      Crispy in shrimp with clothes using beer

    • Rock salt edamame

      380 yen
    • Mixed nuts

      420 yen
  • ◆ salad ◆

    • Crisp bacon potato salad

      Crisp bacon potato salad

      580 yen
    • Colored vegetable western salad

      Colored vegetable western salad

      680 yen
    • Caesar salad with raw ham and warm ball

      Caesar salad with raw ham and warm ball

      780 yen
  • ◆ Specialty Fried Potato ◆ (at Mega prime at +200 yen)

    • Party potato (7 kinds in total)

      Party potato (7 kinds in total)

      1680 yen

      It is perfect for large people.

    • Potato sticks

      Potato sticks

      380 yen

      I made hashed potatoes stick

    • Pom Pin

      Pom Pin

      380 yen

      Fly mashed potatoes!

    • Crispy Curly

      Crispy Curly

      380 yen

      Cute crisp tactile feeling

    • Country cut

      Country cut

      380 yen

      Hokuhoku with a rough garden potato

    • Sweet Potato Vanilla Sugar

      380 yen

      Sweet potato vanilla flavor

    • Manchester Cheddar

      380 yen

      Collaboration of cheddar cheese and potato

    • Crisp shoe string cut

      380 yen

      I got a crispy clothing for a classic potato.

    • Junkie potato

      380 yen

      I cooked sour cream and chili sauce.

  • Ahijo

    • Seafood ahijyo (with 2 buckets)

      680 yen
    • Awkward meat (with 2 buckets)

      880 yen
    • Today's Pizza

      Today's Pizza

      840 yen

      Please ask the staff for menu contents.

  • pasta

    • Snow crab and tomato cream pasta ~ Fitchine ~

      Snow crab and tomato cream pasta ~ Fitchine ~

      980 yen

      It is an exquisite pasta in which the flavor of a sweet crab is living throughout the source.

    • Today's pasta

      980 yen

      Please ask the staff for menu contents.

  • ◆ Rice Pan ◆

    • rice

      300 yen

      Introduce quotes."Meat is tasteful, rice is chicken rice"

    • bucket

      300 yen

      Please match meat, ahijo, pasta etc.

    • Stamina garlic rice

      780 yen

      Those who do not have the stamina.I'll help you.

    • Garlic toast

      580 yen

      Unbearable flavor spreads before baking.Please eat it while it is warm.

  • ◆ dessert ◆

    • Hot apple pie

      680 yen

      Add hot mini premium vanilla to hotpot pie!

    • Ice cheese cake

      520 yen

      Come together with thick ice cheesecake and vivid fruit.

    • Fondant Chocolat

      680 yen

      Chocolate sauce from inside.Please enjoy with vanilla ice.

    • Today's sherbet

      380 yen

      Please refrain after all meat dishes

    • Originator Bani Hachi

      880 yen

      That Bunnychi.Please for 3-4 people.

    • OK day / birthday dessert plate on the day

      1500 yen (for 2 to 3 people)

      We will help your surprise at our shop.Please feel free to contact us with a message desert plate etc.